Paddle Boarding Lessons Lahaina

Be careful which surf shop you choose for paddle boarding lessons in Lahaina. Not all instructors are certified, instructors. If you want to get the full value from your investment, book your lessons with Hawaiian Style Surf.

Get What You Pay For

Purchase our Kelii Nui Package for the best value. Your full 2-hour paddle board lesson with Hawaiian Style Surf will include a Hawaiian -style shirt, a cold beverage, a Hawaiian-style hat, your GoPro rental, a scan disk, and, of course, a professional lesson.

We’re excited to share with our customers the thrill of surfing the Maui waters, learning the finer points of stand-up paddleboard (SUP). Our experienced instructors offer personalized instruction on standing, paddling, and different wave techniques. Your mountable GoPro waterproof video camera will record the experience for you to share and relive over and over.

Paddle Boarding Lessons Lahaina

Become a Pro

Our Ahia Package features three days of lessons for paddleboard enthusiasts who want to learn more than just the basics. We are proud to offer this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work one-on-one with an experienced instructor. Your lesson package is completed with a custom, guided tour of lesser-known hot spots in Maui, tailored to your needs with personal guidance from start to finish.

Customize your Ahia Package with surf lessons, SUP lessons, or both, depending on where your interests lie. We’ll make sure you have a terrific time while honing your skills and becoming more proficient on the water. The Ahia Package comes with souvenirs and an ice-cold beverage.

Customized Lessons Delivers Results

Paddle Boarding Lessons in Lahaina are convenient for visitors who are staying on Maui. Choose a private session with one of our instructors if you’re interested in personal attention during your time spent on the water.

Many of the local SUP and surf shops offer group lessons that may cost a bit less than a private experience, but upon closer inspection, you’ll find Hawaiian Style Surf can teach more in two hours than other instructors can teach in 4 or 5 hours.

Extra Surf Perks

Our customers tell us that our perks offer added value to their lessons. Take home a Hawaiian style shirt and hat when you choose a SUP package that includes extras built into the cost.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Check out our website testimonials or visit your preferred directory online to find out what our customers have to say about us. If you’re worried that you don’t have what it takes to learn how to paddleboard, you’ll see in our customer reviews that anyone who wants to learn can do it.

Our commitment to you is to deliver a memorable, rewarding experience. We know it’s all about you and your time spent in Hawaii. We want to be a part of that experience and help you get the most out of your paddle boarding lessons in Lahaina. Book your lessons with Hawaiian Style Surf by phone at 808-874-0110 or through our online contact form.

Paddle Boarding Lessons Lahaina

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